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The QR Sports - Management is a management company of professional sports careers.

The career management is an essential tool for a successful professional life. QR Sports - Management are responsible for adjusting their interests to the expectations of people development. The management of well-defined career can keep their motivated and aligned to their professional goals, retaining talents who know they can grow in that environment and that, therefore, naturally contribute to the company to be differentiated in the market.

The discovery and promotion of young prospects is also a major concern of this our company with special focus on portuguese speaking countries, giving them an assemblage of great quality and proximity, almost familiar. Concern that, turns out to be facilitated by the fact that these parameters be exactly the inner workings of the team. QR Sports - Management consists of experienced and knowledgeable market elements.

QR Sports - Management, quality and rigor are a constant.


At QR Sports we know what we do, your career is a step away of success.


The accuracy is a constant, our team provides support for all necessary success of his sporting career.


QR Sports - Management add value to your sports career.


Our relationships are based on trust and seen with a lasting and sustainable relationship.

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